Monday, February 07, 2011

snow shots

rugged range from mount cain

just a few pics from our mountain trip. the morning light on saturday was gorgeous when we headed up the lower t-bar, and i had to snap this shot of the highlighted rugged range to the west. the sun never came out fully from behind the thin haze of clouds though, and the hardpack of snow (without any recent snowfall), stayed nearly bulletproof and icy all day.

new snow

at the end of the day though, delicate flakes began to fall. after changing out of my ski clothes i went for a little walk along the paths between the cabins to try and catch some of the beauty.

delicate new snow

the little flakes seemed so fragile, but gently coated all surfaces as the afternoon faded quietly into evening, hushed by the falling snow. even the jays, ravens and squirrels, noisy all day, seemed to quiet down for a little while, giving me a moment of peace alone in the stillness.

delicate new snow

and what did i wear for my little walk? why, my down slippers of course! after a day in snowboard boots, and no real danger of them getting wet, they seemed to work just fine for a quick outing.

snow walk in slippers

hope your week is off to a good start!

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Tara said...

Love that first photo with all those different shades of blue.