Sunday, February 27, 2011

between the raindrops...

Orca at the beach

little whale and i hurried out to the beach just after noon, dodging the light rain coming down to explore a little along the shore. the wind was blowing more strongly that i expected, and chilled me through almost instantly, but we braved a short walk with the crashing waves.

point holmes

on the way out my back was to the wind and drops of rain, but my hands were numb holding my camera. the beach seemed empty, except for many birds circling overhead. sea foam had piled up on the shore and ruffled in the gusts. feathers in different states of disarray clung to rocks and pieces of wood, resisting the temptation to take flight again.

Orca at the beach

who is little whale? after a little sneak peek yesterday, this small orca was ready for his first excursion. he has a warm black wool coat, and is stuffed with wool as well, so it's possible he was warmer than me out there. it wasn't quite blubber, but it probably helped. his underside is silk shantung, and a saddle of the lightest silk gauze rests behind his dorsal fin. he was eager to look out to sea in hopes of spotting some friends playing in the waves. he didn't find any, but i'm hoping to make him a few soon.

Orca No. 1

this little orca/killer whale is now looking for someone to give him a new home, available in the the shop.

why do weekends always fly by? i'm not ready to return to work tomorrow. anyone else feel like they don't accomplish nearly close to what they hoped to each weekend?

afternoon storm


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I am new at your blog but I really admire your crafts and also the beautiful photos of the wild coast. Is this on the west coast of Vancouver Island?

kate said...

I think this is my favourite of your whales so far.

My son would certainly agree with you that the week-ends fly by too quickly!

Kate said...

He is gorgeous! And I know what you mean about the weekends... never enough hours!

netta said...

amazing personality in a stuffed whale. What a great little fellow! My son wants to go to his Aunt's store to buy this orca. how to explain virtual store to a 4 yr old?

Tara said...

I love this whale but then again, I love all your whales.

Laura said...

Yes, I'm very familiar with that weekend feeling! :( I just found your blog & am loving all the pictures. I have never lived on the west coast (would love to!) but have visited several times - your pictures make me feel like I'm there.