Tuesday, February 22, 2011

knitting for a little elf...

matty's elf toque

i've mentioned my littlest nephew here before, actually right around the time of his last birthday. that time of year came around again this january, although i didn't get to actually see him and his brother until this weekend. we had a nice afternoon in the sunshine throwing rocks in the ocean and soaking up some much-needed vitamin d.

matty's elf toque

along with a sturdy little triceratops toy, for his second birthday i made my nephew this toque. full details can be found on ravelry, but it is an improvised cable pattern knit in the softest araucania atacama, a thick and thin spun alpaca yarn in blue/green blend of colour. i purposely finished the top into a point, as i thought this little elf (or imp?) needed a hat to match his sense of humour.

matty's elf toque

the sun is back again today, but with it comes some very chilly temperatures this week. i am definitely noticing the lengthening of the days, so i hope to get out on a walk or two after work, amidst the lingering ice and snow.

a random aside - does anyone have good information about the "plush you" show this year? a recent commenter mentioned it to me, and i've been trying to track down a bit more information. i am thinking of applying and the deadline is quickly approaching, but the online info seems spotty at best other than the basic details. thanks!


kimber said...

Beautiful toque! My knitting projects rarely look so purposeful and professional -- I admire your work. :)

I received the bookmark in the mail today, and wish to thank you again. It now is hanging from a small silver starfish magnet in my kitchen, and is much admired by all who see it.

May we enjoy many more days of crisp sunshine in this neck of the woods!

Tara said...

Lovely hat for a handsome boy. I don't know anything about the "Plush You" but it does sound like something one of your creations should be attending.