Saturday, January 29, 2011

shop update!

pin cushions!

a few new items up in the shop today. thanks for all the kind words about the little waves pin cushion. i made two more, as you can see above, and all are in the shop. left to right is the coastal rainforest, blue mussel, and little waves. i especially like the stitched grey "snags", or weathered old trees that stick up above the forest canopy in the rainforest one. you can see snags everywhere on the coast, but they seem especially gnarled and twisted, and numerous, out on the exposed west side of the island where the wind and weather is relentless. these little pin cushions are about 4" square, and stuffed with locally sourced wool. someone on flickr mentioned they could be couch cushions, if one didn't know the scale. i have to admit i've been wanting to make pillows for awhile, so that just might be the encouragement i need to start!

humpback whale no.7

there are two new humpbacks in the shop too, no. 7 above and no. 6 below (ETA - no. 6 is now sold). i really enjoy making the humpbacks, with their pintucked pleats along their throat. i finally made one with some marble patterned cotton remnants my mom passed on to me. i love the blue and purple tones in it, and played that up by using purple thread on his underside. i have some more of that fabric and may make some more whales with it, or we'll see what else i can associate with that marbled look.

humpback whale no. 6

there was supposed to be a pacific white-sided dolphin too, but he just didn't end up where i wanted. i'm thinking him over a bit, but may just start from scratch with a new plan.

i got out to the beach today too; it was an overcast, blue kind of day, but the light rain let up for awhile and i was happy to get some fresh air - back later today or tomorrow with some pics!


Unknown said...

I love the pincushions. LOVE.
Pillows would be amazing, =) I know you know you want to make pillows! do it!
The marbled fabric is also gorgeous,the marbled fabric is brillent, it looks like the water is refecting up onto the whales belly, just like it's swimming along,

Tara said...

You should definitely make pillows. Love those whales!

Cloudberry said...

Beautiful pincushions. And the whale - Love!

Anonymous said...

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