Sunday, January 30, 2011

at home at the beach...

at the beach

when i headed out to the beach yesterday, i thought it might be fun to bring along a few of my pieces. let them play in their natural habitat, as it were. i think they had a good time, or at least they all seemed to blend in quite well. right at home. humour me while i share a few shots.

boro whale at the beach

the boro grey whale liked hanging out on the rocks. he kept eyeing the water though, but i don't think he can swim as well as he thinks he can.

barnacles at the beach

although usually more prone to rocky shorelines, these little barnacles enjoyed this sandy stretch for a nice change of scenery. i suppose they spent time admiring the browns and purple on this empty manila clam shell.

at home

the starfish rocks liked the sand and the rocks - i even found one nestled inside a large driftwood log. the starfish wanted me to leave them until the tide came in and they could have an adventure, but i prefer them firmly attached to their rocks right now.

pod at the beach

three whales in all came to the beach with me; a humpback, a little minke, and the boro whale. perching high on the driftwood gives an excellent vantage point for spotting other whales out in the strait, but unfortunately today the waters were quiet.

it was a calm day by the water, but this little excursion has me inspired to take some creatures along the next time i head for the west coast of the island. they might enjoy the crashing waves as much as i do!


amanda said...

Oh my goodness! That humpback is superb!

Marchi Wierson said...

so lovely!! I bet the whales had a good time.

Tara said...

Awesome photos. The colour of the sky that day really compliments your beautiful pieces. And I can't help but love that last picture of the three whales together.