Thursday, January 13, 2011

colours of winter...

yesterday was a snow day. we got nearly a foot of snow overnight; heavy, west coast snow. while i have 4-wheel-drive, the deep snow that remained on the rural roads leading up to work meant i was just as happy to have the opportunity to stay home. i did have to get A in to his work though, as he was the one who was opening, and his car wasn't ready for the deep stuff. thankfully he works right downtown, so once we'd navigated our unplowed street it was clear sailing.

sunshine and fallen tree

they were doing snow removal downtown though, not just plowing, which is unusual to see. we don't often get big dumps at sea level, so i guess they didn't know where to put it. so they were loading up dump trucks and taking it down to the river - instant icebergs! i unfortunately didn't get a shot of these.

sunshine and fallen tree

but, you're probably wondering why you're looking at close ups of moss and lichen instead of snow. i went down near the river in the afternoon, thinking i would enjoy a little sunshine and catch some of the sparkly white stuff. it had all melted off the trees by then though, and instead i found myself distracted by this alder that had crashed down across the path. in the sun against the snow, the colours of the vegetation were stunning, and i couldn't resist some macro shots of the trunk.

sunshine and fallen tree


Tara said...

Stunning. That's all I have to say.

Margie Oomen said...

i am a tiny bit green with envy at all the light you have out there on the west coast. Hoping for a tiny bit of sunshine myself this weekend.

kate said...

Wish they had picked up and dumped snow up here. Walking to school today was not easy.

Lovely pics. That bit of sun yesterday was delightful.