Tuesday, September 21, 2010

just a little note...

banana slug

...to let you know that the Fog and Swell shop is up and running! This little guy can be found there, plus one of the whales, and several other pieces will be added this afternoon.

please note that a link to the shop has been added to the right sidebar, along with a link to my new Fog and Swell facebook page, should you be inclined to "like" me. (no pressure!) the facebook page will be to help notify of shop updates and news, plus the occasional giveaway. if you have any other suggestions, please let me know.

this blog will continue to be about more than just what's going in the shop - my other crafting and my explorations and life. i really enjoy all of you who stop by, whether or not you might want to buy something. i'm happy just to find people who like to hear my ramblings and see my photos of mushrooms upon mushrooms, among other things!


Lovely World said...

I am in love with your work. I feel you are a west coast crafting soul mate to me in New England. The barnacle stones are solid and delicate at the same time. I just hearted your shop on etsy! X Maribeth

Rachel said...

Congratulations for making this step! I'll be patiently waiting for an elk to appear. ;)

I'm behind in commenting but I've really enjoyed the images you've shared of your latest walks...so beautiful!

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