Saturday, September 18, 2010

further explorations...

orange jelly

another forest walk today, to another spot nearby. i'm enjoying getting out on these walks as the days are growing shorter, enjoying making sure to get some fresh air in. saturdays can disappear under loads of laundry, cleaning, and time spent over the stove (chicken stock and squash/carrot/apple soup!), but i'm glad i still got away. even with the mist/drizzle all day, it felt good to escape into the trees all by myself and wander along the trail, camera in hand. i also remembered one of my mushroom books today, along with my knife and a bag to put any prizes in. we've been chanterelle hunting a few times in the past couple weeks, so i thought i should be ready should more present themselves to me.


sadly i only found one small one (not the mushroom above), but also found evidence of a few larger patches that someone had already beaten me to. that's okay, i love looking at all the other mushrooms as well, and there are many many to be found with all this newfound wet.

wet day in the woods

the woods have now been thoroughly soaked through, droplets clinging to every surface, everything full and lush once more as it recovers from the dry summer.

cauliflower mushroom

but i did happen on another edible treasure. a large cauliflower mushroom, nearly a foot across. this one came home with me, along with a few small puffballs. i'm thinking tomorrow these will all get sauteed up with the remaining chanterelles in the fridge, and a good dose of butter. sounds like a wild mushroom feast to me!


also, i am going to start adding replies to comments at the bottom of the following post. it seems quite often lately that when i get comments, i don't have an email address to reply to, but i would love to still respond, so we'll try this out for a bit. thanks for all your kind words in general by the way!

kate: thanks, i am feeling pretty contemplative in general, but this fall weather certainly brings it on, doesn't it?

craftingabetterlife: i've tried city living, but i've come to realize it's not for me. i love to be surrounded by the woods and ocean!

maribeth/lovely world: thanks for stopping by! i love when the internet can bring people with common interests my way, and your creatures are amazing.

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sula said...

Mmm, I am imagining the smell of rainy forest as I read. Not only your pictures but also your words convey the breathless calm of the woods.