Tuesday, September 28, 2010

fog and swell...

yup, i just re-used my blog title, but this past weekend was full of it.

again with my boots

our little one night away was good for the soul. on saturday we left the house early and headed out. the wind was howling (love driving in that on the freeway), but the rain was fairly light. then off the main island route and heading west through the trees and winding up through the hills. we got to tofino mid-morning and set up camp in continued light mist, securing the tarps so they wouldn't flap wildly in the gusting wind. as an aside, i always find it amusing to assess other people's camp set up - tarps uselessly waving about, or just draped loosely over the tent fly (which is also draped haphazardly over the tent itself. of course i have the benefit of a man who has many years experience as an outdoor guide, many days of camping on the wet coast.


we explored the nearby beach that day, watching the considerable swells where normally there are just small waves (at this particular beach - other pacific rim beaches have much larger swell most of the time). it was definitely a big storm day, considering all the surf lessons (and more than a few of the locals) had come to this beach to surf. i wished we had ventured out to some other spots that day to see the huge waves, but the rain began to set in with a vengeance and we retreated to our campsite and relaxed for a bit under cover. a warm dinner at the pub in town seemed a fitting way to escape the wet for bit. the rain stopped in the late evening as we settled in for the night, cozy in our tent.

early morning fog

sunday was quieter, the wind having died and replaced with a sleepy blanket of fog. the swells were still quite large and we explored several different beaches quietly together, A on his eternal quest for a glass ball and me snapping photo after photo. if you're wondering about the lack of actual wave photos, i can see now that they were obviously not catching my eye in that sense. foggy white backdrop and grey waves don't lend themselves to great photos, no matter the size. i was instead entranced by rocky shorelines and wispy trees, it seems.

foggy day

there's been plenty of stitching going on around here, but nothing quite ready to show yet. perhaps tomorrow?

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