Tuesday, January 09, 2007

yay socks!

i have been a bit sock obsessed lately. but obsession does come with rewards. first, socks for A. he seems pretty happy, and they did work out well, although i think they are a bit short in foot length. but he was away, so these things happen. i used regia, toe up on 2mm dpns, short row heel, basic 2x1 rib on the leg.

and second: yummy socks for me! i had to accept right off that they weren't going to be the same - i don't think the colour changes ever repeated themselves exactly, but i think they have come out quite complementary. i love this wool - it is so soft and so pretty. the pattern was pretty straight forward, a variation on hello yarn's cable twist socks after seeing grumperina's beautiful green result. i used 4x1 ribbing instead of grumperina's 6x2. the yarn is fabulous fortissima colori on 2mm dpns, toe-up. sorry for the somewhat boring photos - i am never home in daylight lately it seems, so for now you get dull indoor lighting shots.

did i mention YAY SOCKS?!!!!!

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