Thursday, January 11, 2007

early to rise...

each morning when i drive to work i have been admiring the cold january sky, but not had my camera or an opportunity to stop anyway. this morning i got up before sunrise (okay, so that's 8am - nobody said i had to suffer), and bundled myself up for the short walk to the beach. the road was slick with ice as we are experiencing a short cold snap. only an inch of snow on the ground, but it is powdery and light, and shows no signs of melting.

i got to the beach as the sky was turning an icy pink in preparation for the orange sun to come. i was rewarded as well with this great blue heron, calmly wading in the cold water as he too waited for a few rays of sun. he put up with me for quite a while, allowing me to get right to the water's edge, a mere 3-4 metres away. but finally he grew bored and took off with a squawk, arching over the water, silhouetted against the snow-capped coast range. definitely worth getting up for.

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