Tuesday, January 09, 2007

photos photos photos...

okay, obviously posting extended details about our november trip (so long ago!) has failed completely, so instead i am just going to do a quick couple of posts with some of my favourite shots for anyone who is curious.

this is lovers leap in south lake tahoe - beautiful, but frightfully cold if you have any aspirations to climb in the shade. definitely worth a return trip in a warmer month.

the american river than runs right near lovers leap.

the phantom spires near south lake tahoe. this was actually the view from our campsite. the spires are "phantoms" as they used to be hidden in the trees. however, a forest fire followed by logging cleared out the area exposing the former phantoms.

after leaving tahoe, we headed south to bishop. mono lake basin is a milestone along the way - incredible - the complete opposite of my west coast landscape.
on other fronts, i am knitting like crazy when not working. i finally picked up some patons soy wool stripes which is just gorgeous and i'm sure will be a great knit into another pair of fingerless gloves.

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