Monday, September 25, 2006

salt air and sunshine...

home again, happy to be sleeping in my own bed. what a bad traveller am i. however, had a wonderful weekend on the wild west coast. the sound of surf pounding the shore provides a lulling background for a cozy night in a sleeping bag. rising early, i discovered fog blanketing the beach. i wandered the sand, in search of seashells and other treasures tossed ashore by the sea, as the sun appeared behind the trees, cutting through the fog quickly until it was gone.

i have always strived for sharp, high contrast photos with bright colour, but am lately also discovering the pleasures of low contrast with subtle light. photo above case in point. new experiments and evolving, i suppose.

we were in tofino for the surf kayak fest, but the surfers still make their presence known, reminding us that they dominate the local scene. i don't quite understand the whole "localism" vibe, as i occasionally pretend to be a kayaker, and often dream of being a surfer - a definite supporter of both sides. i do admire tofino surfers, sleek, black seals slipping through the waves before riding grace and style. a little more understated and minimalist than the bright colours and bulky gear of the paddlers.

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