Saturday, September 16, 2006

forest walk...

the air is getting crisper by the day, although the sun is still making its best efforts to stay, creeping in between the rain clouds. could just be a "sucker hole" though - i know a few who argue that any sunshine on the west coast is a sucker hole - the rain is always on its way. i'll take what i can get anyway. or maybe i am just used to the cycle, although i don't look forward to november's steady downpour. i've been steadily making soup since autumn began to show it's face, but i better slow down so i am not tired of it when i need a warm winter pick-me-up.
explored a new little spot on the sunshine coast yesterday, a small park with walking trails through thick forest and beside trickling creeks. unfortunately i was without tripod and most of my shots came out blurry, but a few turned out i hope. happily i was going for the soft-water look.

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