Saturday, September 09, 2006

big water...

in awe of the power of the ocean, the swirling, writhing force that can capture and captivate the unwary and unprepared body or mind. [too much melodrama?] we finally hiked out to see the mighty skookumchuk rapids in the late afternoon light, an "XL" flood tide that proved to be even more amazing than expected. i think i could have sat there for hours, had not the cold and fading light of the sun continued to creep up on me.

in awe too, of the paddlers who venture out to challenge themselves on the big waves, paddling hard for that one shot, and if failing, going on the long tour down to where the current finally abates, and then the long paddle back up. there are so many types of whitewater - river, surf and more, but tidal rapids are a phenomenon uncomparable to anything else.

for those not in the know, skookumchuk is one of many tidal rapids on the west coast, where the ocean is forced through the narrow passage into sechelt inlet, causing a huge overfall and currents up to 30 km/h. as it passes over the shallow bottom, waves and holes spring up, creating a whitewater kayaker's dream. for those not familiar with tidal currents, i highly recommend seeking some out - you too will be awe of the power.

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