Wednesday, May 15, 2013

[not so] wordless wednesday...



A pair of American robins have tucked in and made themselves a home on the roof of our deck, where it is overlapped with the roof overhang from the house, and thus quite well protected. The deck roof is really just corrugated plastic sheeting, which is why I easily spotted the nest from below. I feel a bit guilty each time I venture out onto the deck now, as it seems no matter how quiet I step I am sure to flush one of them from the nest. If I am quiet enough though, and wait patiently, they will come back. I can't wait till there are little chirplings, and maybe if I am lucky they will drop a few shell pieces down to me below.


>>> for Michele who asked, Ty is a pitbull mix. For those who don't know, "pitbull" is not actually a breed, but gets used as a lump term for several breeds (Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pitbull Terrier) and other dogs with that "bully" look. I'm only clarifying because I think the mass description is often unfair, and poorly informed (many people will identify a dog as a pitbull when it is not - test yourself with this quiz), which leads to breed stereotyping. In Ty's case, he is a mutt of undetermined breeds, although we did rescue him from an organization that specifically works to find home for "pitbulls" who generally have the lowest rates of adoption in regular shelters.


Mad said...

Wow, your robins are really different from UK robins! Ours are more of a uniform brown with just red chests, far less flamboyant.

Natalie B said...

We had a Robin's nest in our clamatis vine right outside our bedroom window! Every morning and evening I'd very quietly and slowly open or shut the blinds as to not disturb them. I was so glad to get a front row intimate view of the four blue eggs, then the little newborns, mom and dad feeding them like crazy and then the adolescents crowding the nest until finally, one day, they were gone! Talk about a fast forward childhood! Now I'm left with a lovely intricate nest and the few photos I managed to capture.

Michele said...

Thank you Kristy. Good to know because my daughter has been wanting a dog like that, though we have a our Schnauzer Rozzie a/k/a Rozz for the past 14 years, she is our baby it's just good to know about other breeds that we are interested in. Ty sure is a cutie. And your Robins are beautiful. Thanks again !!! Michele

leFiligree said...

i totally failed that test! and we've had 2 pitbull mixes in the past.

i hope you have robin babies soon!