Sunday, May 19, 2013

canoe dog...

are you sure about this?


canoeing's not so bad

can i swim from here?

This morning dawned full of sunshine, and it seemed the perfect time to get Ty out for his first canoe experience. We'd like to take a weekend canoe trip soon, camp along a lake chain near here. And maybe someday he'll even stand politely on a standup paddleboard with us. But first, a short little excursion to test the waters, quite literally.

We don't own a canoe (someday), but thankfully are easily able to borrow one from the canoe/kayak shop from where AK sometimes guides. Despite a persistent northwest breeze at home, the waters of the river and estuary were calm, the current also tempered by an incoming tide. Ty sat in the canoe on the grass, but once it was in the water he needed an encouraging lift to get in. He stood, but stayed, and we were off. Wooden paddles dipped quietly into the clear water, the river bottom not far below us. I felt the boat shift, and shift again, as our boy struggled to find a spot he felt comfortable with. He touched his nose to the water repeatedly, trying for a drink despite the surely brackish taste, and the bowl of clean water beside him. But he kept calm, and we paddled on.

We followed the river's flow, out into the estuary where eagles watched us from old posts and a pair of geese preened themselves in the shallows along a small island. It was a beautiful day in the valley, there was no denying that. The mountain peaks still have patches of snow, but down here at sea level it feels like summer. Out, out we went, finally turning back as we neared one of the last navigation markers that guide boaters through the river's entrance. The river's current slowed us a bit on the return journey, made us work our paddles just a little harder, but soon enough we were crossing the gentle eddy line back into the marina and to the boat ramp. I clambered out first, and Ty waited until called before jumping out. All in all, a successful first excursion since none of us ended up swimming. :)


It is a long weekend here in Canada, and so I have one more day to putter about the house. AK headed off this evening to spend a week kayak guiding on the west coast, so Ty and I will be spending some quality time. Too bad I have to work the rest of the week, but he'll be well taken care of all the same.

There are two salmon sharks in progress, but I'm not sure when they'll be ready for the shop. I have also recently acquired some gorgeous brown leather and lush wool, which makes me think a sea lion is next on the docket. My hands are slow, but things come along.

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend - what did you get up to?


Margie Oomen said...

i have often wondered what it would be like to take edgar canoeing with me

Woman on Wild Mountain said...

I love your canoe dog! so, so precious. Your land is beautiful there.

Michele said...

Ty looks adorable in the canoe. The water looks beautiful. I just finished a very color painting of a Mardi Gras crab.