Sunday, January 13, 2013

snow bird...

White tailed Ptarmigan

All this talk about birds, and I thought perhaps it was time to stitch a new one up. I have been thinking about ptarmigans for awhile, and their snowy winter plumage appeals to the starkness and neutral palette I often appreciate at this time of year. This white tailed ptarmigan came together slowly, as most things seem to do these days, but I'm quite pleased with the results. It is entirely hand stitched in linen and quilting cotton that has the faintest botanical print, with fabric wrapped wire feet for an appropriately fluffy appearance.

I have only seen a real white-tailed ptarmigan, this smallest of the grouse family, once. A bewildered little white creature hunkered down in the snow in the middle of a ski hill as boarders and skiers raced around it, most none the wiser. It was barely visible but for its dark eyes and beak, a perfectly camouflaged animal for winters on rugged alpine peaks.

This little bird has flown into the shop.


I am so enamoured by the Avett Brothers lately. This song especially is a favourite.


the Blue Rabbit House. said...

This little bird is so cute! You made such an amazing copy.

BJ Monitas said...

Hi over there, your bird is just lovely. kindest bjmonitas

Sarah said...

Great work! Those feet are awesome and your bird's face is so expressive. I love the story about the ptarmigan on the ski slope.