Saturday, January 19, 2013

a little tangent...

Roasted chickpea & carrot fajitas - yum #vegan

Carrots & chickpeas spiced with chili/cumin/chipotle and roasted, topped with cucumber, (homemade) guacamole, sprouts and jalapeno salsa.

Sundried tomato/spinach/walnut pesto pasta. Tastes much much better than it photographs. #vegan

Pasta with sundried tomato, spinach & walnut pesto.

Rolling up sweet potato, Swiss chard & black bean enchiladas #vegan

Sweet potato, swiss chard & black bean enchiladas with a little Daiya cheese, later topped with a tomato/jalapeno/almond milk sauce and baked.

Fresh rolls with coconut lime chili quinoa #vegan

Coconut/lime/chili/garlic quinoa, with carrots, cucumber, sprouts, snap peas & avocado, wrapped in rice paper rolls

Whole wheat pizza dough, lemon artichoke pesto, kale, mushrooms, crumbled nut blend #vegan

Whole wheat pizza dough, topped with artichoke lemon pesto, kale, mushrooms and crumbled nut/nutritional yeast blend.

Chickpea mushroom potstickers and spicy sautéed cabbage with walnuts #vegan

Chickpea mushroom potstickers and spicy sautéed cabbage with walnuts.

Can't take credit for this recipe...Jamie Oliver's roasted carrot & avocado salad is always awesome. #vegan

Jamie Oliver's roasted carrot & avocado salad. Has been a long time favourite.

Bell pepper & jalapeño quinoa, beans, chipotle cauliflower, pepper jack Daiya, avocado #vegan

Bell pepper & jalapeno quinoa, red beans, chipotle cauliflower, avocado & pepper jack Daiya in a multigrain wrap.

Alfredo with kale & mushrooms, over homemade fusilli #vegan

Vegan alfredo sauce with kale & mushrooms, over homemade fusilli pasta (yay new pasta maker!).


I don't do many posts about food. Not because I don't love food - we eat quite well around here generally, and I think I'm pretty good in the kitchen. But I don't feel qualified to share any recipes (I am terrible at following recipes, and most things I come up with myself evolve with each making as measuring is also not a key skill of mine). But as I am currently doing 30 days of vegan eating, I've been trying to make more of an effort to document the tasty things I'm feeding us with (AK is not doing vegan alongside me, but has been eating most of the vegan dinners I've made) over on instagram. So far I think it's going quite well, and it has also pushed me to expand my repertoire a bit, as it is all too easy to get in a "what's for dinner?" rut. I've been mostly staying away from processed vegan foods (although I do like Field Roast sausages), and I'm not a big fan of tofu. After 19 days I am starting to run dry on inspiration, but persevering nonetheless. Tonight there are mushrooms stuffed with a mixture of roasted red peppers, walnuts, pepitas and a few other things roasting in the oven.

If you're vegan or vegetarian, what are your favourite recipes? Actually, whatever you love to eat, I'd love to hear it. I'm always looking for tasty meal ideas. And if you're looking for recipe ideas, I also have some inspiration going over on Pinterest.


BJ Monitas said...

Yummi!!! all looks very nice and even so I had just breakfast I am getting hungry again. Don't worry about sharing recipes. Its the same here I am seeking something in the web and than I do my own variation...I think doing variations regarding cooking is fundamental or basic. Have a nice sunday our sunday is full of snow actually. Kindest bjmonitas

joni s said...

we are so un-vegan. nevertheless, i do make some tasty veg things that the carnivores do love: eggplant slices soaked in ginger/soy/rice vinegar/sesame oil and then grilled, balti fried potatoes (quarter and slice potatoes 1/8 thin, saute in olive oil with 1/2t balti spice and 1/2t turmeric and salt), sauteed wild mushrooms...oh, and those little tins of maesri thai curry paste make a quick and tasty curry.

Jaime said...

I turned vegetarian a year ago this week... forever looking for new recipes, so I was so hoping to scroll down and see your recipes for these beautiful dishes! You sound like a natural in the kitchen, able to come up with your own culinary creations with whatever you have on hand. I wish I had that gift... I can follow a recipe just fine, but if I had to make something up on the spot I would probably end up in tears! lol.