Wednesday, November 21, 2012

wordless wednesday...



mama & baby love

little points



i vant to be alone.

there are so many deer photos this fall - they are keeping me busy. i thought i better catch you up over here if you haven't seen them on flickr yet. as always, you can click on any shot for more info. happy wednesday!


Maggie said...

Absolutely beautiful. Those little horn buds! I am so jealous you could get this close to such magnificent creatures.

Margie Oomen said...

oh dear these are marvellous

joanie said...

These are just amazing! I walk in an area with red deer and I often see at least 50 at a time on a ridge looking at me walking up a valley path but I don't think I'd ever get shots this close! These are so pretty.

prairiegirl said...

These pics absolutely melt my heart and made my day.
Your're so good at what you do.