Tuesday, November 13, 2012

gold morning...

november sunrise

hot and cold

this morning

frosted feather

winter morning

sparkle driftwood

These are the grey days, the gloomy days. November is just that way around here, mostly. So when a weekend morning dawns crisp and clear, it's worth it to crawl from under the cozy covers in the early light and step out into the frosty air. Layers of wool as usual guard me from the chill, but fingers and nose turn rosy. In the twilight of the park deer graze, and a doe stamps her feet at me, but my eyes are drawn to the hot glow through the bare trees. I could have been a few minutes earlier, to get the full effect, but the red ball rising from the horizon blows me away all the same. A fiery orb coming out above the low cloud bank, lighting up the eastern sky with a warm light that defies the frosty nipping my cheeks. Gorgeous.


I wanted to make this post a little longer, but a mystery recurring allergic reaction that today has flared into a full itchy face rash is keeping me a little distracted. Argh. How does a robust, allergy-free (albeit accident-prone) child who became an adult that avoids harsh chemicals and processed foods, also become someone with a growing list of obscure allergies and sensitivities? My body seems to always be betraying me in one way or another these days. Instead, let me attempt to entertain you with others' loveliness:

>> Have you seen these fantastic ornaments from otchipotchi? The little package I ordered arrived today and they are even prettier in person. Almost puts a girl in the holiday mood...
>> There is a food truck in Tofino that makes amazing chocolate diablo cookies - spiced up with cayenne and ginger. I just discovered the recipe online so now I can make them at home!
>> This embroidered denim jumper makes me want to decorate all of my clothes.


Dawn Suzette said...

I hear ya on the robust kid turned sensitive. Hope you feel better soon!
That embroidered jumper... to cute. A little addicted to embroidery at the moment.

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Sorry to hear about the allergic reaction k. Hope you get some relief soon.

The photos are incredible. Your talent seems to continue to grow, even when I start to think it couldn't possibly surpass where it's been. You are an inspiration.

Alison Hartford said...

I'm just getting over a mystery rash that my acupuncturist finally diagnosed as a "yin deficiency", basically my body not cooling itself well enough, and heat coming out through the skin. Sometimes traditional Chinese medicine (tcm)can offer solutions that Western medicine can't. Anyway, hope you're feeling better soon!

Starr White said...

Your photos are sooooooo beautiful. Makes me sigh. a good sigh.