Monday, February 13, 2012

sea-washed blues...

new boro grey whale

new boro grey whale

this whale came out of nowhere, yesterday and today. i found a groove and stitched her together under a rainy sky. starting to feel a bit more like myself, i suppose. she is mix of pale blues, soft denim, chambray, linen and silk. i will make her available soon; i'm trying to stitch up a few companions for her first.

and if you're curious, the urchin shell in the second photo is actually a sculpture by local artist william van orden. i dream about one day owning one of the big fish casts he does.

the rain disappeared today and was replaced by bright sun. big low tides have been happening mid afternoon in the last few days, which is great for walks. the colours under the bright sun were much like the little grey whale, soft and windswept. should you need a deep breath, i made a short video on my wander:


Annie said...

Windy windy! Gorgeous whale and lovely beach scenes.

Jane S. said...

What a wonderful whale! The denim suits him perfectly. :)

Studio Paars said...

she is beautiful!

Laura said...

Can I call dibs? Something about her really talks to me!

Let me know when she's available, and if she has any pod-mates.