Monday, February 20, 2012

birds of a feather


juvenile bald eagle

karate kid

personal space

eagles everywhere you look

...well in this case, there is a lot of flocking together. in certain areas of the valley these days, the trees are heavy with bald eagles. when i used to have a longer trip to work i would count eagles on my drive this time of year. i think my high was just over 40 in one half hour commute. but lately on my route to the beach i've been straining my head around to catch sight of all the branches laden with birds in a few particular spots. the other day on my way home from nettle picking, i just had to stop.

the drizzle coming down when i had been picking seemed to have nearly stopped when i stopped the car and crossed the road to a particularly full tree. after snapping a few shots at the locals i found a trail down to the beach, wading through the beach grass in my gumboots. the eagles were on old posts in the water, out on a gravel bar, swooping around. it's february and they are pairing up for mating. i think too this is a slim pickings time of year as far as food goes, so they hang out in the open without much to do. the juveniles cluster with the adults too, their speckled bodies making them look like golden eagles, but i know better. bald eagles don't get their trademark white heads until 5-6 years of age. i was so awed watching all the big birds and trying to get some shots that it took me a bit before i realized the light sprinkle was turning into a steady downpour, and my camera and cast were not going to put up with it for long.


other things:
• i made these crab avocado quesadillas last night. a surprising but tasty blend of flavours. i skipped the bacon and shallots, but added sprouts and cucumber.
• i love the idea of this long fold over toque. i may need to knit something up similar.
• and a great tedX talk about the alberta tar sands.


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Heather M. said...

Although I am on the mainland, we get large numbers of eagles here as well and there is one farm in particular which has a stand of trees which will have 20 - 30 eagles in it. They'll be leaving soon to breed, but there are resident pairs we can see all year.
They are magnificent birds.

Margie Oomen said...

such amazing photographs