Saturday, December 11, 2010


worn sky

it's beginning to look a lot like, well, like i'm fighting a cold. argh. that's not really how i was hoping to approach this weekend. the days are disappearing fast as christmas approaches, and as usual, i'm not doing very well at just "enjoying" the days, but rather budgeting all my not-at-work time for lots of other work. the truth is, really, that i enjoy all of it, but sometimes just wish i was a better planner, and perhaps not so much of a procrastinator.

above is a little peek at a gift i'm working on, for someone who rarely asks for anything. i'm hoping they will like it, and hoping i will finish in time. there is still much stitching to be done, but it is building slowly, layer by layer. these worn holes are part of an old sheet my sister gave me years ago. i had salvaged some of the better hole-less pieces from it for earlier projects, but only now am i starting to appreciate the rips and tears and seeing new purpose in them. these bits are becoming a ragged sky, torn up behind mountain peaks.


while i'm not working on anything for my shop just at the moment, i've been plugging away at a few custom orders. this little one above is part of that, but he is also inspiration for a shop update i hope to do early in the new year, a larger collection of ocean creatures. sorry to be so secretive, but it's just that time of year i suppose.

holiday vignette

a dark sort of day here, and i imagine tomorrow will be too. since i'm not getting up to the ski hill yet, it will probably be another day at home, stitching away and puttering around. bread was baked today - tomorrow there will be cookies. i hope i'll find time for a walk though; a little fresh air is always a good idea, even when it's wet and windy. better go take something to clear my head now though, so i can breathe to sleep tonight!


Tara said...

I hope we get to see the finished product once the recipient has received it. Love the whale. I recognize those little paper stars from my package. hope you have a restful day and feel better soon.

kate said...

People are falling like flies up here with winter sicknesses. Do take care of yourself.

Fresh air is a great idea, and I too will make a point of getting out today, if only around the block.

Lovely World said...

Hope you feel better soon. My daughter has been struggling with a bad cold. I just love all the blue fabric and little stitches.