Saturday, December 18, 2010

miles to go before i sleep...

dreary day

when i woke up this morning, snow was mixing with the rain coming down. it increased to a heavy wet slush that never settled but kept coming down, keeping the day cold and dark. eventually it went back to rain. the trees started moving too, tops swaying back and forth and branches bending as gusts past through. i was just as happy to stay inside today.

and on it goes

my current gift project is becoming a bit of an obsession, as i continue to hope that by some miracle it will be done by next friday. i'm not really sure that will happen though, so i'm trying to prep myself to avoid disappointment. it seems quite likely i will be gifting it, only to reclaim it to take back home for a few more days of work. i've never made a piece this big before, and under such a tight timeline. my hands and my back are stiff and sore. only for family would i probably make this effort. i'm still on the fence over how it's progressing, but i have high hopes.

long to go before i sleep

it's very blue at this point. but really, how can you have a west coast landscape without lots of blue? i'm working on adding in some brown and other colours right now though, so finally it's starting to evolve into a more complete look. so many stitches to go...i think tonight will be a late one. but i'm taking tomorrow off - going to give my arms a rest and use my legs instead (which have been underused recently as i sit and stitch) and go up to the ski hill, strap on my board, and get in some fluffy white turns (i hope!).


in the grey and brown that predominates lately, the rosehips seem to be the one bright spot of colour. little globes of orange red popping out between branches.

if you are still looking for quick make-it-yourself gifts, i am going to share something tomorrow that i also made today. nothing nearly as labour-intensive as the above, i promise. and hopefully they'll be a hit with the recipients. please check back...


Tara said...

That first photo is lovely. I've developed a bit if a thing for raindrops this fall. I'm really looking forward to the reveal of this gift. The glimpses look beautiful. Lucky recipient. I also can't wait to see what you have planned for tomorrow.

Lovely World said...

Can't wait to see the finished project. The red/orange of the rose hips in the last photo look quite pretty against the blues of your work.

I'll be back to see what "quick" projects you have been working on. I am still in process of working on teacher gifts - any inspiration would be appreciated!