Monday, February 15, 2010

yesterday, today, tomorrow?

yesterday, today, originally uploaded by westcoastcreative.

tomorrow now being today, since i didn't get around to posting yesterday. the weather on saturday was wet, pouring all day, with a southeast gale bending the trees. i ventured out briefly, but you can trust me when i say it wasn't pretty. complete wet (err, west) coast february weather, and i love it (although i suppose many an olympian was less than thrilled).

sunday, on the other hand, was the complete opposite. bright blue sky met me through the window when i woke up, and stayed all day, including a lovely trip down to the beach to explore what the previous day's storm had washed up.

now if that sun could reappear this week for a few days, i might be able to get out on my bike for a forest ride without fear of being swallowed by an enormous mud puddle...

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Diana said...

Blah, I hate rainy, windy weather. I'm glad the sun finally came out.