Tuesday, January 26, 2010

socks to make me swoon...

oh yes, they're finished. these socks have been in the works since october, but they didn't actually take that long. many a gift project or other crafting distraction got in my way, but finally i've got rainbow striped socks up to my knees. knitting details can be found on rav, as usual. i increased up the leg as i went to fit, but then did a bunch of decreases in one row before starting the ribbing. unfortunately, they don't seem to have been enough, as they don't quite want to stay up all day, so i may still frog the cuffs and redo.

the noro silk garden sock (the white blend) made for a very thick and cozy sock, so they are perfect for cold days this winter, possibly tucked inside boots. despite the rain though, i couldn't resist wearing them with slip-on shoes yesterday to show them off.

by the way, that's another thing that has been occupying me lately, but you won't see much of it here on the blog. i have been really enjoying reading a lot of streetstyle/fashion blogs of late, and felt that i might give a little try at posting some of my own outfits. i'm definitely not ready to go full-on style blog, but it's been fun posting on the wardrobe remix flickr pool so far. i was feeling a bit of a fashion slump late last year and looking at other people's outfits has provided great inspiration and also pushed me to make a little more of an effort lately. living in my laid-back town, with my casual work environment, and an outdoorsy lifestyle, make it pretty easy to fall into a rut stylewise, and i want to step it up a little. not to mention, turning 30 this past year has made me willing to be a bit more "adult", dare i say it, and not dress in the same old stuff in the same way i have for years. so if you're interested in checking out that side of me, please follow it here, but for the most part it won't be featured on the blog.

i am sort of interested though - does anyone else enjoy the current profusion of street style online, and is it inspiring you? it certainly inspires my crafting as well as my wardrobe (okay, even if that crafting then ends up as part of my wardrobe!).


E said...

The colors! I love the length and I want a pair for my own!

Cloudberry said...

Great socks!
Love the colours :)

Diana said...

These socks are gorgeous! I'm working on a pair of knee socks know in some Kaffe Fassett yarn.

angel said...

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Unknown said...

what kind of camera do you have? i LOVE the clarity of your pictures and what is the function you use that makes the socks look blurry in the foreground but then clear in the rest of the picture?
i'm on the market for a new camera obviously :)
as for the knitting- keep up the great work, the socks are gorgeous!

K said...

hi julie - thanks for the comments. i use a canon rebel xt. the photo effect your are talking about is just playing around with the aperture on the SLR to create a shallow depth of field. not sure if you are looking for a point & shoot kind of camera or a digital SLR?