Wednesday, January 13, 2010

peanut for a wee nut, er, nephew

nephew #3 turns one tomorrow. for those keeping track (what do you mean, you weren't keeping track!), my oldest sister has nephew #1 and niece #1, and my next oldest sister has nephews #2 & #3. nephew #3 is a quiet guy so far, pretty mellow, which seems only fitting since his older brother is a non-stop, on-the-go, gotta-keep-moving kinda guy. what does a little guy need, when he's hanging out watching his brother run to and fro? why, a little elephant to keep him company.

i've been wanting to make peanut, the elephant from joelle hoverson's book since i first got it, but this one took a while to finally get to my to do list, and for a perfect recipient. he turned out actually quite a bit bigger than i expected, as i had only looked at him in pictures, without really checking out the instructions and pattern pieces until construction was underway. pretty cute though, this little guy. just like my nephew, actually. he is made of quilting cotton, plus his ears and underside are soft corduroy.

despite my best attempts, i'm not doing very well at posting regularly - sorry for the silence. i do have some more projects to post, and hopefully some finished knee socks shortly (so sweet!). if you were here, i'd distract you with some warm cookies, but i guess me and the boy will have to share them amongst ourselves!


kate said...

That is really beautiful, that elephant. Do tell us what he names it.

Musing Around said...

I'm so about this elephant! I just came back from a trip to Tanzania where I bought two hand-made stuffed elephants. Here's a link to the photo on my Picassa:

Diana said...

That little elephant is absolutely adorable! I'm sure your nephew will love him.