Sunday, February 11, 2007

south o' the border again...

i haven't had much say lately, or maybe i can claim i've been busy with work. nonetheless i thought i would share a couple of photos of my recent whirlwind trip to seattle. i was only there for two nights, and did not have much time to walk around, but the weather was very co-operative despite the forecast and saw a few sights and did a little shopping. i was extremely impressed with the REI flagship store in downtown, which included a waterfall/creek, lots of trees, and walking and biking trails, all in the midst of a bustling city. on the other hand, the crazy one way streets and poor signage made us curse while driving. then again, people were ridiculously helpful - i can't remember how many people asked if we were lost when we were spotted with a map in hand.

i was also quite fascinated with the experience music project building - designed by frank gehry. just amazing.
on more work notes, i have mostly finished (barring minor polishing) the new website for On the Rocks Climbing Gym - and if you are in the area you should definitely stop in - although i'm not a big fan of pulling plastic, it has been great for keeping me in shape over the wet season. as well, my personal website will be launched imminently - keep an eye on Pedersen Creative , and let me know if i can help with any design needs!

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