Friday, February 23, 2007

signs of life...

yup, spring is showing signs of springing, which make me very happy. favourite season, hands down, although i'm also fond of fall. caught sight of these miniature irises poking up in my sister's yard, along with the crocuses (croci?) below. buds are starting to appear on the trees, but there has also been lots of snow up in the mountains in the past week. i planted some seeds for yummy yellow cherry tomatoes and also some tomatillos, which are nesting comfortably in the living room window with lots of light to sprout. no way are those babies going outside just yet.

but then of course, west coast weather always throws you a little curveball. it has been sunny but cold today, but the clouds are voluminous and drifting wildly in the wind. and then what do you know - it was hailing - big fat balls layering the ground with white before quickly disappearing again. gotta love it.
on other notes, knitting hasn't been very productive lately. have lots of projects in mind but am lacking the motivation and the time. spending lots of time climbing, and helping out at the gym with school groups, which is kind of fun. set a route yesterday - if you get to On The Rocks, try "she's the one" and nice little arete climb, probably 8-9ish, we didn't grade it just yet.

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