Sunday, August 25, 2013

well, hello.


It's been ages since we've caught up. I hope your summer (or winter) has been full of adventure and joy. I've been thinking a lot about some upgrades and a reinvention for this blog, but as usual I'm slow in making things happen.

I don't think there's a way for me to write this post without sounding like a big whiner, but here goes nonetheless. For those who might not know, we adopted a rescue "pitbull" this past spring. It has been a learning experience, especially for me. He has required a lot more energy (physical and mental) than I could have every predicted, and a lot of ongoing work to address his "issues" after spending the first part of his life in a troubling situation. Thankfully he is friendly and amiable with people and small children, but dog and deer reactivity is an ongoing struggle and source of stress. 

Along with the blog break just as summer was kicking in, I announced on facebook that I would be pretty quiet throughout the month of August. Part of the reason for that was knowing I would be the sole caretaker for our dog for a good chunk of that month. That I would be spending a lot of my time when not at work making it up to him after leaving him at home all day. That I would be tired, not just from taking care of his exercise needs on my own, but from the stress that comes with never knowing how your dog might react on a given day when another dog passes on the street. And that finally, some days just need to be finished with a 60lb weight on your chest (as seen above), hoping that slowly, maybe, we are building a strong trust bond with this scarred boy that will bring us all happier and healthier out the other side. 

I know, melodramatic. There are so many women who shoulder much more than I do, with kids and jobs and life. Trust me, there is no one more disappointed by me than me.

While we are back to being a family of three (and Ty is so thrilled to have his AK home), there will be a similar situation in September, so I suspect things will continue here much the same, for now. I hope I'm not making it sound like all struggles and gloom. There have certainly been many good summer days, exploring, fishing, and even mushroom hunting as the autumn season begins to make an appearance. I'm hoping an adventure is in order for the long weekend coming up, just as we slip into September.

If you're still stopping by here (and I don't blame you if you're not), please let me know what you've been up to - I'd love hear!


Sheila MacKenzie said...

K!!!! Very excited to read you again. I've been looking forward to your recommendations on all things as I've found several blogs through you that I adore. Not to mention I love reading about your life, your thoughts, and your beautiful photography!
I think it's wonderful you gave Ty such a loving home. You all will come out the other side all the better for the struggles you have now. Keep us posted!!!!

Netta said...

yeah! happy to see you back, even momentarily. Do not disappoint yourself. realize that we are all meant to do different things. And when you are being Ty's savior, that's ok to just do that, and not worry about other people's perception of being a super human. Too many people put pressure on us to be SO much, but just take your time and enjoy. Love you!

Beached Librarian said...

Even with sparse posts, I'm still following you because they are always interesting. :)

I think your commitment to your rescue is commendable and I'm glad he found you guys. I know lots of people who would put their own needs and wants in front of a pet's (because they are "just" animals). The important thing is that things are going well and it sounds like you guys have been having a good summer.

I hope September is full of fun, adventure, and lots of dog cuddles. Mine's going to be relaxed after a super busy August (river rafting, volunteering out in nature, etc.) and a (hopefully) nature filled September long weekend. I can't wait for fall! It's my favourite time of year.

Natalie B said...

Whenever you're caring for another (especially when you're working on forming a relationship), it takes a lot of time. Nice to hear from you again :)

leFiligree said...

dogs ARE exhausting! our dogs always wanted far more interaction from me than our kids. hang in there.

we're remodeling the upstairs rooms which means new electrical, new insulation and then everything else that goes on top. new walls in some places, too. i hope we finish before we get sick of the work (which always happens).

good thing dogs dont get agitated by mushrooms, right? mushroom season is up and at 'em right now.

kate said...

I hope you have enjoyed this wonderful coastal summer we've had - we certainly have up here!

And don't belittle what you are doing, rescued dogs are tough. Enjoy the cooling off time of summer, and many happy adventures to you all!

Joanie said...

Ty is so lucky to have found you. I'm a VERY intermittent blogger myself right now for other reasons but it's nice to drop back in whenever life doesn't get in the way.
Lovely pic!

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

So happy to read you again, dear K ! I've missed you in this space !
You've done such a remarkable job by rescuing Ty, and we all know that pets (dogs in particular) are lots of work & energy. Don't be too hard on yourself. If blogging doesn't fit in your schedule, then go with the flow. You're on FB & IG & we're all so thankful about it, you always keep us posted. Blogging takes more time than FB or IG, that's why so many people have been giving up.
I hope you're all doing fine, except being busy. Hang in there.
xoxo to you & Ty !

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

I'm so happy to see you've been posting ! Yay ! But please don't be too hard on yourself. ou've done such a remarkable job with rescuing Ty & taking care of him. You are his mama now, so believe me, we all understand the time & energy it takes to care after a dog !
Besides you're on FB & IG, so you still keep us posted !

BJ Monitas said...

Hi there, we had a wonderfull summer over here and Im happy too to read you back. Especially that you are well and your absence is due Ty's needs. And if its so that he needs more attention and keeps you away from posting than this is ok. RL is far more important than the WWW. I wish you luck and strength and I am looking forword to read you again. kindest bjmonitas

Dawn Suzette said...

K, What you are doing for him is wonderful! It is hard and can be draining putting yourself so far out there for another. And I can totally understand the stress of not knowing how one will react to things out in the big world. Oh, how I understand.
We have been having fun exploring new turf in New Mexico (and Colorado) and have a trip to California planned for next week. It has been a good summer for nature adventures!
So happy you caught up here...
All the best!

Heather M. said...

I'm glad that Ty has you to look after him and I'm sure that things will get easier as time passes. While I've missed your posts, I understand completely the need to do what needs to be done before what wants to be done. I don't think anyone is disappointed in you. Especially Ty!

Heather M.

Rendell said...

I always enjoy reading your posts, and you are not whining. You are sharing life, which at times is trying and difficult...especially when you are correcting other people's mistakes. I am an avid rescuer and currently have a chow mix that is still trying at times with her attitude. Knowing her limitations and realizing that we are doing the best we can with her has made a big difference. Socializing dogs into new situations takes a lot of patience and belief in your training. Hang in there your guy is fortunate to have you in his life now.

Laura said...

You might look into clicker training. I had a boxer who was very dog aggressive due to fear. I had a trainer come work with us with her very mellow GSD. We would walk along the lane - her on one side, me on the other - and when my dog looked away, I clicked and she got a treat. It took a bit of time, but she learned that she didn't have to challenge every dog she met. I was eventually able to take her to dog parks and the beach, and let her off leash without a problem.

Pits are wonderful dogs - working with issues is difficult, but not impossible, for the most part, and the results are way worth it.

Hang in there!

Farm and Field said...

Have you checked out any books by Patricia McConnell? She has one in particular for leash-reactive dogs.
They're inexpensive, and worth a shot.

Now that I'm done making unsolicited advice, Thank You, sincerely for rescuing him. And while you may not so much need a 60 pound weight on your chest, he certainly looks like he needs and enjoys it. Good luck, be well.

Michele said...

K, We have been having a great summer. Took a trip to Tybee Island, GA where we all went on a marine ecology trip with a Marine Biologist and found many wonderful animals, horseshoe crabs, stone crabs, blue crabs, rock bass, etc... Lots of beach combing. It was GREAT we all enjoyed it and definitely not ready to come home. So glad you and Ty are doing well and bonding. Dogs are the most loyal friends you could ever ask for. Our Schnauzer Rozz is a joy. Enjoy Ty every chance you get, I know you do. He is so lucky to have you and AK :-) Your September month I know will be full of all kinds of fun filled walks on the beach and then some. Have a happy and safe holiday weekend!