Wednesday, March 20, 2013

barbados: fauna

don't look up

Barbados Bullfinch

toad stacks

green heron

carib grackle



ghost crab

Barbados anole

Besides the amazing sea turtles, there were a lot of other animals in Barbados to admire. All kinds of birds, amphibians and more, just a few of which I've tried to capture here. Such an interesting variety of creatures quite different than my own west coast beasts. Although I had desperately hoped to spot a monkey or two, all these guys kept me well entertained. As always, please click on the images to see more info about each one in flickr.


The wind howled all night and the rain came down, down, down. Ty stared at me in disbelief this morning when I led him out just after 6 for a walk on dark, wet streets with the trees swaying around us. We only did the small loop though, just to clear him out and hopefully hold him till this afternoon. Poor boy, but tomorrow there'll be someone to play (or sleep!) with him all day.

Whether you're weathering a storm or seeing the evidence of bright spring days, here's a few links to check out today:
>>> I have a sad little shamrock hanging on in my kitchen window, but I'm thinking I should upgrade its living quarters.
>>> Is it sad I kind of wish one of my denim shirts would spring a hole so I could mend it as beautifully as this?
>>> These buttermilk berry muffins sound delicious, and I even have buttermilk on hand from making soda bread for St. Patty's. Definitely will be made this weekend.


Brittan said...

Two of my favorite creatures, toads and birds! I love your photos, what a magical place it seems to be!
This spring weather is holding true to the saying 'out like a lion, in like a lamb', although I haven't quite seen the lamb part yet....
hope to see more photos of the puppers and new projects soon!

Barbados Real Estate said...

Lovely work, thanks for sharing.

I love the shot of the gecko particularly. I always find them so interesting to look at, so intricate. No matter how close you zoom in/macro them there seems to be more to see.

We've been sharing some nature/scenic shots over at please feel free to have a nose round, membership is completely free :)

Michele said...

The ghost crab is amazing. They are my favorite. When my family and I go to Topsail Island, North Carolina they are everywhere. They are one of my favorites to watch scurry across the sand and into their little burrowed out homes on the dunes. Great pictures. Looking forward to some new items in your shop, very excited. Maybe some patchwork humpback whales in the works to start off Spring or those sweet crabs....they are all wonderful creatures. DREAM BIG.... Michele