Wednesday, October 03, 2012

the new neighbours...

autumn evening


two & two

autumn leaves

mmm, leafy

Yesterday, as the warm sun began to slip below the trees and the air regained its crispness, I ventured out to a park near my new home. Not my usual sort of walk, no winding trails through tall evergreens or an open expanse of shore. This park is home to several old heritage buildings, wide lawns dotted with rare trees and manicured flower beds. It's a beautiful spot right on the water, and I wanted to go hunting for acorns like the ones i had gathered there last year. Stepping through the gate, I was immediately drawn to the last rays of light hitting the newly fallen leaves, brought down in the gusting northwesterly making its way through. Happily snapping away, a bit of movement caught my eye and a little fawn stood up from the grass, less than 50 feet away. Way to be observant, K.

The small deer and its mom, just a little farther off, eyed me for a minute, but then continued with their grazing. I moved in a little closer and they seemed unconcerned, so I sat down on the grass. Mama nibbled at the green blades, but then stood alert, looking past me. I heard no sounds, but suddenly another doe and an even smaller fawn trotted past on either side of me. The little group seemed to exchange a greeting of sorts. I was getting the impression this was a popular spot for the little black tailed deer; they know they are safe in this little swathe of trees.

As I wandered a wide circle through the different levels of grass, I came upon several other mamas and their little ones. I'll need to go back a bit earlier in the day when there is brighter light. But in the meantime, I also made note of the different trees; on top of the Garry oaks, there are black walnuts, horse chestnuts, apples and pears. I might need to gather some walnuts when they start coming down more, breaking out of their green pods - try a little dyeing with them.


I forgot how much moving disrupts your life. I've been unpacking every evening after work, but I'm still surrounded by boxes. It took me four days to find the library book that was overdue. I'm especially looking forward to setting up our bedroom, but the ceiling needs to be painted first, so we're sleeping in the spare bedroom, with more boxes and piles of clothing. Not exactly relaxing. And yes, I suppose I could get started on that painting, but...well, I don't have any really good reason, other than AK left me with all these boxes to unpack, so he can do the painting when he gets back in a couple days. Nothing like a little passive-aggressiveness in a healthy relationship. :)

And I'm staring at a little wolf, or what will eventually be a wolf. Right now he's just the body, with no features or embellishments. I think I know where my basic tools are, so perhaps I should just stop browsing the web and get started on it!


>> I'm also very much enjoying this A.A. Bondy song.


erin said...

I love the idea of you making a wolf ... maybe it can be my mascot for our WOLF non-profit org . (Watchers of Langley Forests)!

Unpacking ... keep at it, you'll get through it and have that painted ceiling soon. Taking time to enjoy fall is good too, it sounds like you are striking a good balance. The deer seem safe where you visit ... a story about our friends on their acreage in Sooke; they built an outdoor kitchen this spring and their land is home to many deer, multi-generational. A mama birthed her fawn right behind where they built the counter, and when they came around the counter to finish something, there was this sleeping bundle, still damp, breathing deeply, a fawn just hours old. Mama returned and nursed with them still right there, then she made her way away and birthed a second fawn. We saw the trio in august when we visited, they walk right past us, randomly. I love that they feel safe there and that yours feel safe in your area.

Patricia said...

Lovely neighbourhood!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures of nature!
Cheers from Sao Paulo!

Starr White said...

fantastic photos! The baby is so sweet. Perhaps some deer might show up on your work table soon?

Laura said...

You actually can use the walnuts in their green shells for dye. You soak them (ferment,really)in a 5 gal bucket with the walnuts covered in water. You don't need a mordant. I'm very envious of the trees you have access to - I'm pretty much limited to junipers... But they're trees!!