Friday, May 13, 2011

the way it goes...

boots again

friday. good. i had a more interesting post to share, all drafted up and nearly done, but blogger seems to have lost it in their outage yesterday (not to mention a bunch of other organizational stuff i had done!). nuts. so i hope instead you will just enjoy my pics mostly on their own, from my beach walk on a windy day, heavy clouds threatening rain and obscuring mountains and even hilltops. i even went back to boots and wool socks - thankfully today is much more springlike, although it is supposed to be our only sunny day for awhile. does mother nature not check the calendar?


nuttall's heart cockle, popping open just a little to smile at me.


so many whelk shells nestled between rocks and in pools, most with their original inhabitants, but quite a few now homes for hermit crabs.

purple laver

purple laver seaweed (i think), stretched across the rocks. love the texture of this.

buried moonglow anemone

a buried moonglow anemone stretching out in a small pool of water. so many other tucked tight against the air, i had to watch my feet carefully as i walked.

low ceiling

the good thing about a threatening weather kind of day is i was nearly all alone exploring the sand!


Margie Oomen said...

it feels like we are all there walking and exploring right along with you
have a wonderful weekend

kate said...

Your boots are awesome - similar to a 13-year-old pair that I just had to say good-bye to (the bottom was worn as smooth as glass).

Today has been wonderful and finally warm, although I felt rushed to get the lawns mowed,etc as the non-spring weather comes back so soon.

Lovely beach photos!

Flaming Nora said...

I love the fact that the seaweed at your feet has a vaguely human shape and at first glance looks like a reflection in a rock pool.