Sunday, August 15, 2010

scenes from a hot hot saturday

a series of pics from yesterday, when it was too hot to do much of anything, really. above is the view from quadra island back toward vancouver island. mountains obscured by haze/smoke, and not the slightest breeze to offer relief.

discovery passage. if you look carefully where the land meets water, you can see hundreds of sport fishing boats fishing for pink salmon near the entrance to the campbell river.

the sunset seems much more intense through the haze. it could just be from the heat, but it seems more likely it is more smoke coming over from the forest fires in the interior. for more details on this weird phenomenon, read kate's post.

the ten minutes of cool breeze on my return journey on the ferry were the best i felt all day. i am not cut out for this heat.

normally this view, as i drive back down the island, showcases snow capped peaks of the coast range. but here you can just barely see the cruise ship moving north and a bit of the lowlands.

a bit clearer as it got darker, and looking west instead of east again. moon rising over mount washington.


kate said...

Wow, that photo of the coast mountains really shows how thick it was to the east! We can't see Mt. Washington this week-end at all. I'd be tempted to ride the ferry boat all day :) We're not going anywhere, as the thought of the hot car and closing up the house is more than I can stand.

The last photo of the moon rising is beautiful.

sula said...

Amazing. Are you sure we live on the same planet? Can't tell you the good it does me to know that beauty like this does exist.

Cloudberry said...

Beautidul pictures!!

Terri said...

wonderful pictures, love the one of the moon rising, and the one of the sunset, wish I could have seen for myself, but you do so capture it for us all.

k said...

thanks for your comments on the pictures. our world has cleared up a lot since then, and cooled down quite a bit as well, thankfully. in fact, i think fall is well on its way!