Monday, July 19, 2010

red and pink

red and pink, originally uploaded by westcoastcreative.

a lazy sunday spent sitting on the back patio, soaking up some sun. playing around with some fabric weaving, and then many many stitches to hold it all together. i am embracing jude's arguments for handstitching more and more - being "unplugged" and portability. this is so much better than sitting by my sewing machine all day, isn't it?

this project is coming along quickly, actually. i can definitely see my stitching skills getting more efficient. but i haven't worked out the details yet, so i'll keep you posted. this is one of a couple pieces in the works

i liked the way my project coordinates with the roses. you can also see them in the background in the left side shot (ha, along with the petals and grass clippings that need to be swept up).


sula said...

Ok, I love this idea. I'm making baby shoes right now so you've put me to the task of thinking how I could incorporate woven fabric in them (don't hold your breath. Said baby is currently obsessed with the foot pedal of my sewing machine and I'm sewing with my elbow. Yet another argument for hand sewing!).

Lolly said...

This is a brilliant idea - and those reds and pinks are so pretty. I would love to see more of this :)