Wednesday, December 17, 2008

could it be?

It just might be possible for us to have a white Christmas. White Christmases are pretty rare around here, but it's definitely in the air, and by "in the air" I mean freezing arctic outflow wind. Snow in itself is a rare occurrence around here, showing up in light dustings that disappear nearly before they hit the ground, or one or two good dumps per winter that also start melting and turn to slush right away, which definitely takes the charm out of a foot of white stuff on the ground.

But this stuff is different, perhaps (says she full of doubt and years of cynicism). After a week of freezing temps and a bit of snow on the weekend, this stuff started this morning and fell most of the day. It's light and fluffy, which has me dreaming of powder on the mountain (which is finally opening this weekend, geez). With more snow forecast for tonight, then cold and clear and cold, and more snow on Sunday, it just could hang around long enough for the holiday.

I took a little walk down to the beach this afternoon, after heading home early from work where it was still heavily snowing (ugh for 35 minute drives that became over an hour both to and from work today, but thank god for 4x4 and winter tires). I love how the snow dampens sound and makes you feel isolated. I was only 50 metres from the highway, but huddled in my puffy coat and watching the ducks in the frigid water made me feel all by myself, tucking my face against the icy wind.

Anyone else blanketed with snow? I'm back inside now, with the woodstove crackling, working on some gift knitting. My brain is already swirling with plans for the year ahead- I figured out double knitting the other night, so am eager to cast on for the Tapestry Cowl as soon as the previously mentioned gift knitting is done. Also on my new skills to learn in the coming year - entrelac, and lots of fun sewing projects. And hopefully improve my snowboarding skills...

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Anonymous said...

I do hope you get your white Christmas! In the meantime, thank you for posting these beautiful glimpses of your snowy December, both in pictures and words.