Thursday, July 17, 2008

it's the simple things...

local free range eggs, poached. yummy camembert from just down the way. fresh spinach & chard picked up at the farmers market today, sauteed in a little garlic flavoured olive oil & spices. and beer bread baked yesterday, toasted. a generous sprinkle of pepper, and enjoy.

summer calls for simpler ingredients, simpler meals. i love it when i can find a meal from local, fresh ingredients. our garden too is perking up and revealing surprises from under tender leaves. the raspberries disappear quickly into our mouths, the strawberries are rescued from eager woodbugs. pattypan yellow squash is perfect on the bbq. the zucchini needs to be picked now before they are all a foot long. the tomatoes are turning from green to warm red. i keep meaning to take pics but the days get away from me.

there hasn't been much knitting lately, but there is one pair of socks on the go. i was inspired by amy to make striped noro socks knitting from both ends of the skein, but i now see many people are grabbing ahold of this trend. so far so good on my part, the first sock fits like a dream and the second is well underway.

i hope everyone is out enjoying the summer that has finally come to visit. on my end there has been much climbing, a little skimboarding, and now some quality time with my new toy. A and i got them this week and have been honing our skills during evening carve sessions. i definitely need some more practice before i venture onto busy streets, but a gentle slope on a quiet night is perfect right now.

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Anonymous said...

Hello K,

Wow, that looks really yummy - great choice of ingredient combination - the bread looks especially good!