Sunday, December 16, 2007

flurries (of activity)...

Today does not look like this outside. The wind is howling once again, the rain is driving, and generally the best bet is to curl up inside. But, as I can't show you the FOs I have recently completed, I will instead entertain you with some shots from last weekend. Why no knitting? Apparently there's some sort of holiday coming up, whereby I may have made some gift-type items that must be kept safely under wraps. If you are wishing to see what I've been up to, please pop over to Ravelry.

These shots were taken at Mount Cain, where I made my very first snowboarding attempt. Sure it's only taken two and half years dating a snowboard instructor for me to try it, but let's not worry over details. To sum it up, pretty cool and will be trying it again, but that is saying that only after the pain of falling countless times on my butt onto rock hard snow has started to fade from my mind. I was told I made a good first effort, but he's required to be biased, so who knows for sure. The snow was not yet piled up to the levels I'm sure it's reaching today, but the sun was shining and on the whole it was a beautiful day.

I've got some new projects on my mind too - many socks I'm eager to cast on for, and one toe was started this afternoon. Also procured some Cashmerino in a fantastic shade of grey - destined to be the best hat ever. Hope everyone is gearing up for the holidays okay!

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Anonymous said...

Aww, you post cued, "The Things We do for Love" in my head! I hope you have a great time snowboarding. At least we know you were warm!