Saturday, September 08, 2007

oh the photos...

that's right. I was feeling the photography today, so you get to enjoy the fruits of my walk on this lovely september day. first though, a little recap from the past little while. the alpacas are settling in, although they aren't exactly cuddly just yet. here they appear eyeing my niece and nephew, only because they are holding buckets of food. they're also a little wet after a day of drizzle.

next up - twisted tweed socks from schrodinger. I really enjoyed this pattern, although they came out a bit large. the phildar yarn is so yummy soft, capped off with heels, toes, and cuffs of trekking pro natura. the boy seems to like them too. i might try and make a pair for myself in a brighter colour.

i've also been working hard on my variation of knitting school dropout's leaf tee - modified to be a cardigan. am kind of on the fence about the result - the colour is great (love that Indigo Moon yarn), but the fit is a bit off. However, it has now been blocked anyway, and will probably finish attaching the snaps soon.

today I went to one of my favourite places to walk - the Oyster River trail. there are so many things to see - the river, the beach and ocean, the farmland that borders it, the forest - you get a little bit of everything. the late afternoon light was warm but clear - exactly what I love about september. i think the pics are pretty self explanatory, but if you're wondering about the specs in the water in the shoreline shot, those are fishermen tempting the salmon making their way to the mouth of the river. 'nuff said - hope the whole month is this nice!

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Anonymous said...

that last shot is beautiful! i love the way the light filters through the trees--very ethereal.