Sunday, May 27, 2007

the cutest...

after making the kew gloves for amanda, i still had leftovers of the green wool used. add a little pink (don't remember what kind - i believe some kind of patons washable baby) and you have the cutest striped mitts for the cutest little girl (that being amanda's little girl, not mine). was hard to get a good shot of the mitts - this according to her mother, but i do know from experience that 2 year olds rarely sit still - but they do suit her perfectly i think, as she is regularly seen in green and pink. the pattern is my own, basic stockinette stitch except for a bit of 2x1 rib at the top and bottom. the stripe is alternating, with the main colour being 2 rows high, and the accent colour alternating between one and two high, and obviously i made the two gloves opposite just for a bit of variety. pretty sweet i think.

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