Thursday, December 14, 2006

coast daydreams...

so back again to the trip - pardon the jumping around but obviously the weather is going to be changing dramaticallly from post to post, depending on where i'm referring (although, change is really west coast weather in a nutshell, isn't it?) after the flooding, we made it further down the coast where we encountered the above shown area, with 20-25 foot waves bombarding the coast. at left, you will seen A. shortly before he was swept away...well, not really, but it could've happened.

a little ways farther and we finally got down to the beach - still, a little sunshine wouldn't have killed anyone. after a night in a motel, we awoke to the rain finally stopped and california was a bit from friendly in offers of sunshine. unfortunately, we couldn't linger in the sand too long, and we headed inland to the I5 halfway through day 3.

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