Tuesday, November 14, 2006

sunshine in november...

yeah, sunshine is a big plus for me at this time of year - the constant southeasters of Vancouver Island and all.

we are in bishop now since last week. cold at night (and the occasional sprinkle of rain) but pretty gosh darn warm during the day - today in fact takes the cake so far as i'm in shorts and tank top. i wish i could post some photos! next time will really have to bring the mac and not A's pc - just doesn't work like i want it to. anyway, i have been keeping a bit of a diary so i hope to post excerpts and photos upon our return.

today headed out to the buttermilks west of bishop for some bouldering - just crazy landscape in the hot sun beneath soaring peaks. luke swears he saw a snake, but i missed it - although he claims it was something black and yellow, so not a rattlesnake at least.

that's all i have to update right now - i'm less good at the communicating without the photos - the landscape is just too cool to describe.

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