Saturday, October 14, 2006

blank slate...

the fog crept in today, damp fingertips tickling the rocks on the beach, an ethereal ghost riding in on the backs of the gray waves marching steadily to the shore. the first taste of the november southeasters, a gentle one to get you started and in tune with the rhythm of the storms that make their home on the west coast for the winter. the colour seemed drained from much of the world today, as demonstrated in the above photo. on clearer days vancouver island makes a sizeable appearance across the strait, but today it was just water and sky, a solid bank of gray.

so i went in search of colour. when the world is blanketed in a fog, the trees of autumn seem all the more bright, glowing underneath their cloaks of mist. the same too applies to the fallen leaves stuck wetly against the shining gray beach rocks. in the stillness of this october day, fall shone with gold leaves on a blank canvas, and i was one of the few who ventured out to see it.

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